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Kazakhstan Heart of Central Asia known as City of Big Apple

One cannot think of Kazakhstan without thinking of Almaty, a city so beautiful it derives its name from literal apples.

Nestling in it's leafy avenues Almaty has some of the country's glossiest, fanciest buildings. Chic restaurants and shopping complexes apart, the city also boasts of a very happening night life.

However, it is beyond the glittering cities that you will find the true Kazakh charm. Hiking in the hills and the greenest valleys Tian Shan, looking for and occasionally coming across wildlife in the Steppes.

Guesthouses in the village and cozy, hospitable people.

A landscape dotted by mausoleums, mosques, museums, memorials and incredible architecture in general, the cities here are also home to several climate zones from deserts to snow.





Almaty lake

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